Designer Spotlight Vena Amoris Jewelry

What do you get when you combine love, and the mystery of romance with diamonds and precious metal? Vena Amoris Jewelry of course. We asked head designer 7 questions Tesia Alexandra and she answered.


LAURA LITTLE CURATED: What do you design? / Create?

TESIA ALEXANDRA: I create symbols of devotion. Vena Amoris was born from a love affair with understanding the history of how traditions are made, and a fascination with the ideas of engagement rings and jewelry throughout history.

LAURA LITTLE CURATED: How long have you been creating?

TESIA ALEXANDRA: My whole life.

LAURA LITTLE CURATED: Who’s an iconic inspiration to you? Why?

TESIA ALEXANDRA: Why have one.. I’m a hopeless romantic. “To love and have lost is better then to have never loved at all.”

LAURA LITTLE CURATED: What are you wearing? and by whom?

TESIA ALEXANDRA: Vena Amoris of course.

Vena Amoris Jewelry

LAURA LITTLE CURATED: What is the last album you listened to?

TESIA ALEXANDRA: Confidence boosting play list on spotify..

LAURA LITTLE CURATED: What are you reading?

TESIA ALEXANDRA: George r.r. martin fever dream And murder by candlelight

LAURA LITTLE CURATED: If you could say one thing before death what would it be?

TESIA ALEXANDRA: I’m to busy living enjoying life to worry about death.

Vena Amoris Jewelry
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