Don’t call us a T-Shirt Brand – OK

If you want to get on the wrong side of designer Laura Little, go ahead and call her budding Fashion Brand a “T-Shirt” company.


Gently launched in the summer of 2015 Laura Little explains the Laura Little Curated concept, the way the company has evolved and where it’s headed next, and why she hates the words “T-Shirt Line”

Question: When did you start Laura Little Curated?

Answer: I started Laura Little Curated in the summer of 2015, mainly because I wanted an outlet for my creativity and a way to bring my photography and art to the public.
Initially the simplest and easiest way to do this was to put my art on t-shirts.

Question: Your website currently sells only T-Shirts, will there be more items in the future?

Answer: Absolutely! I’m thrilled to clear this up, our spring / summer collection is T-shirts only, but for Fall and Winter we are introducing some amazing outer wear as well as sweaters and pants. I’m dying to put it online right now but it wouldn’t make sense so I have to wait for this fashion cycle to complete.

Question: As a newcomer to the Fashion industry what are your thoughts?

Answer: Honestly, I’m on the’s too early to tell. I’m conflicted between the creative and the business aspect of things, and all the “fashion” he says she says. I do know that I want to focus on creating honest and cool garments that are easy to wear , affordable, and show a unique perspective. I’m not bothered about fame, or street cred, I just want my people to wear and love my clothes.
Check out Laura Little Curated at: or on IG: @lauralittlecurated
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