Rugged Luxury by Wellington & Cromwell for Men

Designer Edward Chang gives us an education on Rugged Luxury.

LAURA LITTLE CURATED: What do you design/Create?
WELLINGTON & CROMWELL: Wellington & Cromwell crafts rugged luxury dry goods for adventurers and explorers.  We are known for durable bags made from heavy duty 24 oz. waxed cotton canvas and our rugged and luxurious full grain leather bags.

LAURA LITTLE CURATED: What’s an inspiration to you or to your work?
WELLINGTON & CROMWELL: I (Edward Chang Designer) worked as an in house corporate attorney at the world’s largest athletic footwear company where I lived inside factory compounds in Taiwan, China, Vietnam, and Indonesia.  I learned how things are made and developed expertise in Sustainable Manufacturing and Sourcing.
From there I began dreaming up a lifestyle brand that incorporated Sustainable Manufacturing philosophy to create beautiful, heirloom quality luxury items that could be sold at an accessible price point.
I created an innovative business model because I didn’t want to compromise on quality design, materials, and craftsmanship to compete on high volume margins but I also didn’t want to be ridiculously overpriced like traditional luxury brands.
Wellington & Cromwell creates moral and economic dignity for workers by paying them a fair wage for crafting a beautiful luxury item, and for clients by offering a luxury item where the value is inherent in the ethical craftsmanship, not wasted in retail markups, celebrity endorsements, and high fashion marketing campaigns.
Wellington & Cromwell
LAURA LITTLE CURATED: What’s the best word to use to describe your work?

WELLINGTON & CROMWELL: “Rugged luxury” – Rugged luxury goods are those rare items whose quintessential beauty improves with age and wear.  These items have intrinsic value from their authenticity and craftsmanship but appreciating rugged luxury requires a discerning level of sophistication, taste, and class.

Rugged luxury is linked to the artisanal movement; things that are handcrafted or authentically imperfect appeal to patrons who shun cookie-cutter, mass-commodity driven goods and seek treasures that offer something special.

Wellington & Cromwell

Wellington & Cromwell
Wellington & Cromwell
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