Salty Chic! Bijou Sweets

Meet Liza Garrin & Stephanie Butta designers of chic stylist treats that look too good to eat. Find out the inspiration behind their creations.


LAURA LITTLE CURATED: What do you design or create?

LIZA GARRIN & STEPHANIE BUTTA: We are pretzel stylists!

LAURA LITTLE CURATED: What is the inspiration behind your work?

LIZA GARRIN & STEPHANIE BUTTA: We are very inspired by jewels and gems and influenced by high fashion. Stylish inspiration, sparkling decor and savory sweet snacks are our hallmarks.

LAURA LITTLE CURATED: Whats the best word you would use to describe your work?





LAURA LITTLE CURATED: What is one thing you want to do or accomplish before you die?

LIZA GARRIN & STEPHANIE BUTTA: We would love to travel the world.

LAURA LITTLE CURATED: How would you describe your style? What are you wearing?

LIZA GARRIN & STEPHANIE BUTTA: Classy, feminine, and chic. Something with sequins of course!

                                                                      Instagram Link:  @Bijousweets
                                                                         Twitter: @Bijousweets


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