SCOGÉ: MindGames and more Interview

Fashion Designer Starr introduces us to his brand SCOGÉ and the idea behind the MindGames hat concept.

Laura Little Curated: What do you design/Create?

Starr: I’m always jumping in and out of so many mediums that it’s hard to actually place my finger on one. So overall i’d like to say that i’m a creator of holistic experiences. I like to focus on continuously finding ways to connect the things that I do – from designing apparel, shooting and editing film and photography, and connecting with people. When I step back and look at my work I want it to have one strong message. This is why I love creating SCOGÉ.

Laura Little Curated: We really love the alphabet hat – how did you come up with the idea?

Starr: The MindGames hat idea stemmed from a prototype I created years before I officially launched the brand. At the time I just wanted to have a hat that could say whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. So I purchased the materials from a local art store and went to work. The finished product was a red hat with one velcro strip and white cardboard squares with painted letters on them. It was so DIY’ish but still cool. Then years later, once I had the manufacturing experience and better understanding of how i’d package it MindGames was born. Initially I only planned for it to be one hat release out of many other planned hat releases but once the promotion and sales started I was convinced that I had created a piece that would continuously evolve with new add-ons, color releases and so on, without the need to create another type of hat.

Laura Little Curated: What is your favorite item from the collection and why?

Starr: My favorite piece is our ‘Fallout’ Bomber Jacket that was designed and developed for the release of the brand in 2012. It’s one of those pieces that grew to become my favorite as the brand transitioned through its first 3 years. Back then I struggled with the brands identity and that jacket was kind of like the answer I was looking for hidden in plain sight. I don’t know what inspired me to design it, but each time the brand changed gears it remained relevant as other pieces lost their connection. Now with the brand fully developed around the idea of creation and destruction ‘Fallout’ is like one of SCOGÉ’s vital organs in terms of signature pieces.

Laura Little Curated: How would you describe your style? What are you wearing?

Starr: My style is slightly militant -since I love wearing hightop sneakers or boots with straps, high contrast -since I tend to pair solid simple pieces with loud colors or patterns, and futuristic – since I love cool accessories like solid white backpacks that resemble rocket packs. Currently though… I’m wearing white basketball shorts, a grey Robin Hood foundation Tee, and a pair of orange patterned socks since I’m working from home ^_^.

Laura Little Curated: What’s on your music play list currently?

Starr: Currently listening to a few artist I discovered on Soundcloud. ‘.Singh’ – Onefurkurt, WeirdInside – Who Knows?, and Awich – SEGA. Thats just a few from a long list that I run through when I’m working. Soundcloud is where it’s at!

Laura Little Curated: What advice would you give a new designer?

Starr: Comparison will kill you.

To learn more about SCOGÉ and pick up the MindGames hat, click here:

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