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Five things you need to know about Laura Little Curated!


If you’re loving Laura Little Curated then here’s some top need to know things about Laura Little and Laura Little Curated.

Laura Little is a British visual artist and has been using a camera to create beauty and art since 2008.

The featured prints and designs on our garments are all either original photographs or inspired by photographs taken personally by Laura. Every design starts with a photograph. We consider all our garments as extensions of Laura Little’s artistic work to be loved and cherished.

Laura Little Curated clothing is designed and manufactured in America. We source all our fabrics in New York, and believe in paying fair wages to all our employees involved in the process.

We are passionate about keeping our manufacturing in the USA, and supporting the American job economy. As our collection grows and the business scales, Laura Little Curated will continue to manufacture in the heart of New York, even if it means the final cost is higher.

Just as we advocate for humans we advocate for animals, we don’t use fur or leather in our garments, so you can wear our Dakota Winter Jacket with pride, it’s Faux!

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Team – Laura Little Curated

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