Designer Spotlight Chuchu NY

We discovered hat artist and designer Penny from Chuchu NY  and immediately invited her to be one of our designer partners on October 22nd. Here’s our 7 questions asked and answered!


LAURA LITTLE CURATED: What do you design? / Create?

PENNY: I am a milliner. I create headpieces.

LAURA LITTLE CURATED: How long have you been creating?

PENNY: I’ve always loved hats, especially vintage hats, and I have been collecting them for many years. Four years ago, I sold all my vintage hats before I moved to my new apartment. I looked at them, and thought, ‘Why don’t I learn how to make them?


Editorial CHUCHU NY

LAURA LITTLE CURATED: Who’s a iconic inspiration to you? Why?

PENNY: As I grew up and spent most of my life in big cities, urban settings have constantly inspired my work. Being surrounded by incredible architecture, coupled with my longstanding interest in fashion, prompts me to dissect my perception of these buildings and apply those concepts into the structure of my hats. When I seek materials for the architecture of my hats, I wonder how I can turn steel into lace, and lace into steel.

LAURA LITTLE CURATED: What are you wearing? and by whom?

PENNY: Most of my clothes are vintage. I like to wear them with trendy accessories and shoes to make it new. So I don’t look like I came out of a time machine

LAURA LITTLE CURATED:  What is the last album you listened to?

PENNY: Sia—1000 Forms Of Fear

LAURA LITTLE CURATED: What are you reading?

PENNY: A Manual for Cleaning Women  by Lucia Berlin

LAURA LITTLE CURATED: If you could say one thing before death what would it be?

PENNY: It would depend on who I was talking to. I think most people don’t realize life is short and you only have one. I would say “Don’t stay in the past or future, live in the moment, be present, be happy, try your best and the most important thing is compassion.”

You can check out ChuchuNY at our POP UP event on October 22nd! 


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