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Tuesday at Three Book Cover

Tuesday at Three Book Cover

Writer, author and self – publisher of novel “Tuesday at Three” , Gillian Alex sits down with us for a POP UP Spotlight interview.

Pop Up Social : What inspired you to write a novel?

Gillian Alex : After returning from a trip in 2010, I was left questing EVERYTHING!!  I visited a guy friend who lives abroad and while there, he introduced me to the women in his – life – his banker at  Barclays, his real-estate   agent, and business partner.

“After meeting these women, holding on to their inspiring words, I knew that it was time to follow my dreams and pursue writing. “

I had a roommate at the time time and I would come home with dating stories and she suggested that I start to write them down and I did. Writing became my version of taking a “time out”.

After sharing my work with a few girlfriends, I realized that every girl needs a moment to herself to simply get her own mind straight, as we are all tackling life’s big questions. I launched GirlsTimeOutBlog in 2011. I started posting, purely as a way to hold myself  accountable to my  writing, and the “time outs” paid off.

The comments roll proved that women  were struggling with the same questions. When the comments sections became longer than the posts, I knew I was on to something. Thus my protagonist, Alexa Ross was birthed.


Pop Up Social: What do you love about your main character Alexa Ross?

Gillian Alex : Alexa Ross is a true girl’s girl.


Pop Up Social : Did you self publish?

Gillian Alex : Yes. with Archway Publishing, a division of Simon & Schuster.


Pop Up Social : Why did you self publish?

Gillian Alex : The traditional process of sending out query letters and finding a literary agent can take months, sometimes years.

“Today there are so many options for self-promotion and marketing so I choose to use these mediums to promote myself and garner attention that way. It’s a lot of work, but totally worth it.”


Pop Up Social : Who is going to love this story?

Gillian Alex : It’s the perfect book for the unapologetic non-reader, non-stop city girl. Alexa is the character readers have been waiting for to show them the ropes and give them hope.


Pop Up Social: What would you say to anyone that is thinking about writing a book?

Gillian Alex: Write, Write, Write. This is the first step and it’s crucial


Meet Gillian Alex at POP UP SOCIAL on September 29th from 6pm – 9pm

Instagram – Tuesdayatthree

Weblink – www.tuesdayatthree.com


Tuesday at three (sneak peak)

Gillian Alex

Journal Entry #1

“Love of My Life”

I’ve already met him. We are not married. We are not dating. We are not a couple, but I am in love with him and he is in love with me. I respect him so much that I will not tell his secrets and only give my friends tidbits of our escapades. He is my rock. He is the boy version of me: strong, caring, and humble. He completes me. I am his favorite and he is my everything. We get each other and respect what we have. Truthfully, we could care less about the sordid details of each other’s lives. So I don’t care where he spends his weekends; he doesn’t care who gave me my latest bauble; and neither one of us cares to discuss who we are sleeping with. We cherish our memories and live the time we still spend together like it is endless. Anything outside of us is meaningless.

What we have is not complicated as there is no one object, one place, or one time in our lives that our friendship is built on. I didn’t stop falling in love with him when the gifts stopped. He didn’t stop missing me because we couldn’t talk. He holds the key to my heart and he knows it. He is the one who I don’t have to hold my breath for when we are together because his only wish is that I breathe. I don’t have to long for his touch because it’s always there. When we are together, women are jealous and men are mesmerized. We are a power couple, a good guy and a great girl.

Break-ups have a way of showing you both the good and bad about yourself. I now realize that the love of my life is not the guy who had me at hello — instead; he is the guy that still has me at good-bye. I only hope that I will meet him again.


Friday, January 6th


After five days of self-evaluation, tears, and vodka — I’M BACK and it’s official. I’m ready to take on the New Year and all SHE has to offer….

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