Artist Spotlight- Rob Anderson

We sat down with artist Rob Anderson for a POP UP Spotlight interview.

Pop Up Social: What kind of art do you create?
Rob Anderson: I make vibrant, rhythmic, architectural line paintings about the city within the heart. Using primarily paint markers, I draw many smaller shapes that evolve into larger illustrative pictures.

Pop Up Social: Whats an inspiration to you or to your work?

Rob Anderson: I like to bring canvases to my favorite places throughout New York City and draw or paint a impression of where I am and what I feel. Setting plays a huge part in my inspiration to create.

Pop Up Social: Whats the best word you would use to describe your work?

Rob Anderson: The word I would use to best describe my work is “free.” Art making to me is a meditative sandbox where I’m free to doodle and explore different ideas.


Pop Up Social: What is your favorite life mantra or quote?

Rob Anderson: Love and listen to yourself and others.

Pop Up Social: How would you describe your style? What are you wearing?

Rob Anderson: Staples to my style are black jeans and a shirt bought from one of my favorite bands. Heavy metal bands sell shirts that have some of the coolest art on them. Loving my black hoodie and red wind breaker for the fall. I also rock a backwards snapback that was one of my first hand painted hat designs.

Check Rob out on his Instagram: robbanderson

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