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Jennifer Spencer answers questions and chats JS Candle Studio!

POPUPSOCIAL: How did you get into the candle making business?

JS: Candle making started as a hobby. I use candles for meditation so I figured I could make my own. I’ve experimented with many waxes, wicks, dyes, fragrances and then I decided I could make a business out of this.

POPUPSOCIAL: How long have you been in the business of candle crafting?

JS: I’ve been crafting candles since February 2014 but officially launched the business in October 2016.

POPUPSOCIAL: What are your top three favorite candle scents from your collection?

JS: “Coconut & Tonka”, “Life’s A Beach” and “Blood Orange & Thyme”.

POPUPSOCIAL: If you had to describe your product in one word what would it be?

JS: Minimalist

POPUPSOCIAL: What makes your candles different from any other candle?

JS: Aside from the coconut wax which isn’t as mainstream as soy or paraffin, I would say the fragrance blends are unique.

POPUPSOCIAL: When picking a candle what should you look for to find the perfect scent?

JS: I don’t believe there is a “perfect scent” – it all depends on your personal taste.



POPUPSOCIAL: Which candle is the best for stress relief?

JS: Ginger Orange & Vetiver is extremely soothing, in addition to Lavender.

POPUPSOCIAL: What are some ways you can make your candle long lasting?

JS: Trim the wick before you light your candle. This helps to avoid soot and consumption of the wick vs the wax.

POPUPSOCIAL: What inspires the various scents of the candles in your collection?

JS: A majority of my scents are inspired by my travels or random conversations with friends and colleagues.

“Life’s a Beach” for example was inspired by a colleagues favorite fragrance. Good thing I kept her in mind- it’s my best seller. “Blood Orange & Thyme” was inspired by my trip to the Amalfi Coast.

POPUPSOCIAL: Where are your candles made?

JS: My candles are made at home, in my kitchen, Brooklyn, NY.



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